The Diamond Package


1 Bridal Bouquet - MEDIUM - White or Blush Roses (Wrapped Fully in Double Satin Ribbon)

1 Maid of Honor Bouquet - SMALL - White Roses

2 Bridesmaids Bouquet - SMALL - White Roses

1 Mother of the Bride - 1 White Rose Wrist Corsage

1 Father of the Bride - 1 White Rose Boutonniere

2 Boxes of Rose Petals


1 Groom's Boutonniere - 1 Blush Rose with Greenery

1 Best Man Boutonniere - 1 White Rose

2 Groomsman Boutonniere - 1 White Rose

1 Mother of the Groom - 1 White Rose Wrist Corsage

1 Father of the Groom - 1 White Rose Boutonniere

Fireplaces Decor - Choice of 3

10 Pillar Candles

10 Medium Pillar Candles

10 Short Pillar Candles (SMALL) Inside of Fireplace (Filled with Candles)

2 Medium Flower Centerpiece on Each Side of Banquet Fireplace with White Pedestal Tall Pillar Candles/Tea Lights

Bar Room

2 SMALL Flower Centerpiece for Fireplace with Tea Lights

Linens - Based off of 10 Tables

10 Table Underlays (Sandle Wood)                                          10 Table Underlays (White)

10 Tablecloth (Champagne or Lace Overlay)       OR            10 Tablecloth (White with Organza Overlay)

100 Napkins (Champagne)                                                       100 Napkins (White)

100 Seat Covers (Champagne)                                                100 Seat Covers (White)

Special Linen (3 Tables) Champagne Lace Overlay or Sequence Linen

Welcoming Escorting Table, Sweet Heart Table, and Cake Tables

Crystal Silver or Simple Silver Cake Table

Pillar and Money Box, or Bird Cage

Cocktail Centerpieces

All Cocktail Tables (Indoor/Outdoor - SMALL - White Hydrangea, White Roses)

Entrance Centerpieces

1 Escort Entrance Tall Flower Centerpiece with Wood Branches, White or Blush Roses, White Hydrangea Gladiolus, and Tall Greenery


1 Escort Entrance Table with a Row of Individual Single Vases with Tall White Gladiolus

Flower Centerpieces

10 Tables with Low Large Clear Vase with White Hydrangea, White or Blush, 2 SMALL Tube Vases with Pillar Candle, and lots of Low Base Tea Lights


10 Tables with Mercury Silver or Gold Pedestal Bowls embellished with Cream Hydrangea, Blush Roses, White Spray Roses, and White Stock with lots of Tea Lights, Mirror Base, and Tall Candle Tea Lights

100 Dish Chargers

Ladies Bathroom

2 SMALL Flower Centerpiece

2 Stairway Decor

Battery Operated Candles on the Steps

All Set Up Included in this Package 

Total Package - Starting at $2,150.00

Plus Tax - 7.375%

Information on Customization available upon request.

Wedding Arches and Chuppah information is available on Pricing Sheet.